Fees and Policies

Fees and Policies for Forensic Evaluations

From its beginning to its conclusion, I handle your case in a professional and prompt manner.   Reports are written in a clear and straightforward manner. 

The responsible party is usually the attorney, who is seeking services for his/her client. All fees for services are billed to the attorney's firm or responsible party.  I do not provide services on a contingency fee basis.

When a decision has been made to retain me on a case, depending upon the type of case, the retainer agreement and other agreement contracts are sent to the attorney or responsible party.   When these forms are completed and returned with the retainer, the client for whom services are being sought is contacted and the evaluation process begins. This process typically includes: forensic interviewing, psychological testing, (test administration, scoring, and interpretation), record reviews, collateral contacts, and a written report.  

Similar to lawyers, I work off the retainer at an hourly fee.  If the retainer has been exhausted before the completion of the report, the responsible party is notified; when the retainer is replenished, the process resumes.  Any unused retainer funds are returned at the completion of the case.

I accept referrals from:

  •  Courts
  • Family Law Attorneys
  •  Personal Injury Attorneys
  •  Criminal Defense Attorneys
  •  Employment Attorneys
  • Public Defenders
  • Social Security Administration
  • Insurance Companies

Please feel free to contact me with your questions.

Contact Dr. Kohutis: (973) 716-0174