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Psychologists are often asked to provide expert opinions on a variety of court matters or to help attorneys represent their clients and to help judges and juries make decisions about various psycholegal issues. The psychological expert may be asked to examine the extent and proximate cause of psychological damages as in personal injury cases, the capacity to manage one's own financial affairs as in civil liberty cases, or the best interest of the child as in custody cases. The basis for this testimony is typically the psychological evaluation.

A standard psychological evaluation usually involves expert opinion based upon clinical interviews, psychological testing, and collateral data. The inclusion of psychological testing is often regarded as the hallmark of these evaluations and differentiates a psychological evaluation from a psychiatric evaluation.

Psychiatrists are not formally trained in the administration and interpretation of many psychological tests. Since many forensic evaluations need an in-depth understanding of a person's personality, emotional, and cognitive abilities, psychological tests are administered. 

Family Law:

  • Does your client need a comprehensive custody evaluation?
  • Has the court has ordered your client into therapy?
  • Is the ex-spouse or ex-partner of your client theatening to take the children out of state?
  • Has the court has ordered a parent-coordinator to help your client/spouse to settle domestic issues post-divorce?

Civil Law:

  • Was your client assaulted and now find that the quality of his/her life has decreased?
  • Does your client feel s/he is being harassed or treated unfairly at work?
  • Is your client concerned with a family member's capacity to manage finances and live independently?
  • Does your client need an evaluation to get social security disability?
  • Was your client injured in a car accident and is now afraid to drive?

This represents only a portion of the psychological evaluations in which I can assist you.

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